About Our Founder


Anthony E. “Sandy” Weymouth
February 24, 1942 – March 16, 2014

Sandy Weymouth dedicated his life to bettering the lives of others. He built The Woods Place in 1998 and used it for retreats, therapy groups, and as his own home. Sandy described himself in the following words:
I’m Sandy Weymouth, I was born in 1942, and I got involved with emotional work in 1976. From 1982 to 1991 I wrote I Am The Emperor, a book on why we humans have increasingly suppressed our feelings, our wants, and our needs. I Am The Emperor argues we are at a time in history when we must reverse the way we deal with our feelings and our wants and needs if we are to continue to survive. Here are the four things I want to spend the rest of my life promoting: Emotional work, emotional work interaction, emotional work group living, and emotional work culture.

Sandy fulfilled his dream of promoting all four of his passions until the day of his passing in March of 2014.

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