4 Steps To Planning a Successful Church Group Retreat in Maryland

Planning a Successful Church

Planning a church retreat is a good way to spend time with other members of your church. It is like an awakening that allows you to reconnect with the things you are used to in everyday life. You get the time to reflect on your relationship with God and look at the things that are currently happening in your life.

In order to have a great experience, plan the retreat in advance. Create a budget and clearly describe all the events that will happen during the retreat. Here are some of the things you need to consider when planning a retreat.

1. Create An Event Summary

Summarize the event in short sentences. The sentences should clearly state what you plan to do, who will present or lead a discussion, and at what time. The summary must also contain all the goals of the event.

2. Develop a Suitable Timeline

Organize the retreat at a suitable time. Ensure you check the calendar of the company or the church so that the event does not affect other important activities. Decide whether the retreat is good in winter or summer. Consider the time it will take to notify everyone about the event. Also, make sure you are well conversant with the timing of every person that will participate in the event.

Plan one to three months ahead – often times more. Retreat / conference facilities often book up in advance especially during peak use periods.

Retreat Center in Maryland

The Woods Place is located on 23 beautiful wooded acres between Rising Sun, MD and North East, MD.

In order to have a highly successful retreat, plan early. Determine the main reason why you want to have the retreat. Appoint someone who will control the planning process. For efficiency, come up with a planning team. If you rely on a sponsor, draft a letter that explains all the objectives of the retreat.

You may also want to choose the theme for the retreat. The theme should reflect your mission and vision for the event. Identify the major blocks of time and assign activities based on a suitable time-frame. Create a clear guideline on how you will prepare food and who will be involved. Above all, keep praying so that things might go well.

3. Identify the Participants

Know something about everyone you are inviting to the retreat. Whether they are male, female or children, come up with a comprehensive list of everyone so that you can account for them in case something unexpected happens. Know those who have health problems or disabilities to enable you to make the necessary adjustments and accommodate them. Dig a little bit deeper and determine what the participants love to do and most importantly, know what they want to accomplish. This will allow you to prepare well and avoid surprises during the event.

“A Wonderful setting for our youth church retreat” ~ Bob

In some cases, you may want to limit the number of people in the event. If this is the case, come up with an effective mechanism that will enable you to select only those who will add value to the retreat. Reach out to everyone and tell them about the event. Select at least two people who can help you to invite others manually. Make sure you create a flexible program for everyone and allow all who will participate to provide their opinions about the activities for the retreat.

4. Come Up with a Budget

The budget should be near the top of your checklist for retreat planning. Develop a rough estimate of all the expenses to be incurred during the retreat. It should not be too high or too low. The venue and the food are some of the larger expenses. Additional budget items may include a group moderator, equipment (projector, pens, paper, etc.)

The Woods Place is the perfect place to hold your church retreat

We are located on 23 acres between Rising Sun, MD and North East, MD. The facility contains three meeting rooms. a fully equipped kitchen, three bedrooms, three full bathrooms, rear sundeck, and a separate studio building. Up to twenty-five persons can be accommodated for day and overnight stays. Parking is available for up to 25 cars if required. We encourage ride sharing to reduce traffic volume on Patrick Ward Drive.

  • 2 – 3 conference areas for up 25 persons
  • kitchen facilities
  • private studio room separate from the main facility
  • sundeck
  • privacy offered by surrounding woodland (23 acres)
  • free wifi available

You can see our rates here. To book your event, give us a call at 410-287-3103 or fill out the form here and we’ll give you a call. Don’t wait! Space is limited…