Here at The Woods Place, our Maryland Conference and Retreat Center staff are happy to be able to accommodate the needs of our guests. We have several options that they can choose from for their meetings, retreats, or conferences. Meeting configuration of tables and chairs, food storage and preparation by guests or catering services, and event promotion are some of the options we offer. Currently, we can accommodate events for up to 25 people. Our highly-experienced management staff can help plan your event to make sure that it goes as smoothly as possible. Our staff know that you have your own expectations on how your event should go, and can help to make your event not only productive but enjoyable for your entire party at our Retreat house.

We strive to make sure that all our guests have a positive experience at our Maryland Retreat House. To do this, we recommend that a group representative for the meeting, retreat, or conference visits our site first to make sure that The Woods Place is the right fit for their event. While on this visit, our trained staff will be able to help with things like promoting events with our social media presence, configuring the space needed for the event, and even arranging catering services, if needed. After the completion of their visit, the representative will receive all the information needed to take back to the event sponsor, including what the fees will be for the options that they have considered while going through their visit.

After this trip is complete and before the event can take place, The Woods Place requires that the event sponsor enters a “User Agreement” with the AEW Foundation setting forth the terms and conditions for holding the event at The Woods Place. Most event sponsors are required to provide a “Certificate of Insurance”.

What Do You Want to Accomplish?

Planning a retreat at the Conference Center in Maryland opens the opportunity for you to reward your team’s efforts and enhance your team’s social interaction and work skills in a relaxing, rustic environment. There are several things you can accomplish by going to the Woods Place:

  • Solve existing problems
  • Identify and develop goals
  • Reinforce communication, trust and teamwork
  • Promote work progress according to your employees’ individual and collective needs

We encourage you to thoroughly communicate all the details of your goals to our staff in order to reap as many benefits from your retreat experience as possible.

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