Educational Retreat Center

educationThe Woods Place welcomes sponsors of Groups seeking a retreat setting for educational retreats in Maryland.

An educational retreat at The Woods Place can be the perfect location for learning new skills and rejuvenating both mind and body. Educational retreats held here can bring together instructors and students for a variety of learning experiences that are designed to be skill-enhancing, intuitive and fulfilling. Participants in retreats are given opportunities to look beyond the scope of traditional learning in a quest for meaning.

The Woods Place is located in picturesque surroundings where nature is given the reverence it deserves. To retreat is to remove oneself from the distractions of the everyday world. Those who attend alternative education facilities are surrounded by inspiring views and vistas that can often symbolize horizons of growth within their own being.

Educational Retreat

Educational Groups can sponsor a variety of workshops and programs at The Woods Place. In most cases, the experience is holistic in nature. It is very common for the programs at a retreat to include meditation and yoga as well as other forms of self-awareness. Each program is typically structured to expand consciousness and help individuals understand their purpose. The time spent at one of these retreats is a chance to reflect on one’s place in the greater whole of life.

The Woods Place provides an environment where individuals can become connected, not only to nature and to others, but to the innermost parts of themselves. Sometimes it is necessary to step back from all the distractions of the modern world to find one’s center.

It is most common for individuals to spend a weekend at a sponsored educational retreat. Some retreats also offer work-study and apprenticeship programs which allow individuals to work in exchange for a portion of their retreat fees. One should give careful thought and consideration to the length of time that will best serve their educational and developmental goals.

Most of those who attend a retreat would agree that the experience was life-changing. They come away with a renewed resolve to live in harmony with nature and with others, and they also achieve a greater sense of responsibility for making the world a better place for humanity.

If your organization or group is seeking an ideal location for hosting your educational retreat, The Woods Place can provide a perfect setting to conduct a meaningful and effective learning experience.