Maryland Church Retreat Center


Church groups sponsor numerous retreats and meetings at The Woods Place, and use us as a non denominational Retreat and Conference Center.

Christian men and women use The Woods Place as a Christian Retreat Center, for a stress-free time, and to connect with God in fellowship and build a sense of community. The Church Retreat Center in Maryland, welcomes men and women of all ages come to enjoy the quiet reflection and company of others in worshiping God. Christian couples retreats, mens and womens retreats, and Church Group retreats are welcome. There are Christian family retreats so you and your family can enjoy re-connecting with each other and with God. We provide Christian conferences for groups in need of a quiet place to reflect and converse about concerns they may have.

Christian Retreat Center

The Church Retreat Center in Maryland is here to support and help you and assist families grow in spirit and enjoy the company of others and more importantly, the Almighty. The peace and quiet is wonderful for reflection and deep thought to help your marriage with the Christian Couples Retreat. Bible studies in our quiet and peaceful atmosphere will allow you to connect with your thoughts and God in quiet contemplation. Using our facilities for Christian Conferences will benefit all who attend in the quiet, spiritual surroundings. Enjoying fellowship with other Christians in a serene setting is a most enjoyable way to spend a week or a weekend! With the time for quiet reflection and worship, there is plenty of time to walk the grounds and enjoy the scenery in between enjoying some of our activities like Bible studies at the Christian Retreat Center.


The Church Group Retreat will get you in touch with your fellow members and time to explore religion and spirituality as a group, discussing the problems and joys of the Christian life. There are activities as well; please get in touch with us for specifics. Rest assured, it will be an enlightening experience for all who attend. This is a great way to spend extra time in quiet contemplation and help others along the way. The Christian Retreat Center will be an experience any way you choose to enjoy our facility: alone, as a couple, family or in a group it will leave you refreshed and relaxed to gain a new perspective on your spiritual life and how it all fits into the big picture we call living a real life.

Enjoying your family or a group of friends in a spiritual exploration is a relaxing and insightful way to spend quality time with others and reconnect with Christian values. You can also help with a troubled teen or child, when you can spend uninterrupted quality time and help your loved-one with advice and insights that you may not have time for in the everyday world we live in. We invite you to experience the peaceful and spiritual life you are yearning for, and clarity and understanding for the things that go on in our world outside the retreat. If it is reflective solitude you seek, or a family stay to become a closer knit unit; you will find it at our retreat center.

The Woods Place is non denominational and welcomes groups of all Faiths.