Meditation Retreat Center


What, How and Why?

The Woods Place welcomes groups who sponsor Meditation retreats.

Meditation can be a fantastic way to refocus your energies, shift your perspective, and realign your priorities for the coming weeks and months. The Woods Place is the perfect location to teach and practice meditation techniques which can be used in your everyday life following a meditation retreat here.

What is a Meditation Retreat?

The definition is very broad. Essentially, a meditation retreat is any period of time that you block off to meditate, think hard about yourself and others, and pull away from the tangible world. Of course, there are many different schools of meditation, and many different methods for focusing your thoughts. Some people like to clear their mind, while others like to meditate on one thing until it takes up their entire consciousness. Some people enjoy chanting, while some prefer silence or yogic exercises. It doesn’t matter which method you choose, as long as you are committed to the act of meditation and separation from physical existence.

How Can I Do It?

If you are a novice at meditation, it might be helpful to go on a guided retreat, sponsored and taught by experienced teachers of meditation techniques at The Woods Place.You’ll learn different techniques from experienced practitioners, and you’ll be able to pinpoint which approaches work for you and which don’t. These retreats are often out in remote natural locations, which removes the temptation to use cell phones or electronics, go out to dinner with friends, or be distracted by everyday life in any way. You will also usually be accompanied by 10-15 people with the exact same goal as you, which makes it easier to maintain concentration on the task at hand.

Why Do People Go on Meditation Retreats?

Everyone has their own reasons for engaging in meditation. Some people have stressful lives and wish to escape the everyday grind for a few hours or a few days. Others have to make a big decision, and wish to have some time alone to contemplate the exigencies of every possible action they could take. Still others simply enjoy being out in nature, and find meditation to be an interesting and relaxing activity. Some might even go on meditation retreats as a couple’s activity, or as a way to reconnect with friends and family. There are as many reasons for going as there are participants, and each reason is completely valid in its own right.

Meditation retreats can be taken extremely seriously, or very casually. There are people who go to Buddhist monasteries and don’t speak for a week, and there are others who sit cross-legged in their backyards for an afternoon. If a retreat sounds interesting to you, contact The Woods Place if your Group wishes to sponsor and organize a Meditation Retreat.