Non Profit Retreats & Meetings


Local and regional non-profit organizations and governmental agencies can use The Woods Place for events, staff and Board meetings, and training workshops in a peaceful and secluded setting. These organizations have a broad spectrum of endeavors including:

The Arts:

writing, painting, photography, dance, and music workshop presentations

Economic Development:

local and regional planning and strategy meetings by civic groups, fundraising events for community based organizations


hands on workshops on a variety of topics including mediation training, massage workshops, personal counseling and support, parenting skill workshops with support groups, athletic training and boarding for local events, fundraising for small businesses and non-profit organizations, health and wellness workshops

Civic Association Events:

guest speaker series on a variety of topics of local and regional interest, group planning and team building,

Athletic Event Housing:

The Woods Place is suitable for housing out of area athletic teams competing in local tournaments and athletic camps.